I work very hard to ensure the accuracy of my pattern cutting and sewing instructions. Occasionally one of my readers catches something I missed. I am so grateful to those folks, and after a thorough review of the pattern I post corrections here. Thankfully, there are not many!

If you have purchased any of these patterns please download the corrections.

If you encounter an error in a pattern please notify me at

Thank you.

Arboretum Stars: Download corrections
Stitch in Time Wall Hanging:   Download Corrections  (updated April 9 & June 1, 2017)
Stitch in Time Studio Organizer:  Download Corrections
Stitch in Time Studio Throw and Topper:   Download Corrections   (updated June 12, 2017)

NOTE:  It is best to NOT prewash pre-printed fabrics such as panels and border prints. The fabric goes through many processes to be delivered to the consumer and there may be some size variations. If you’re unable to cut the panels or pre-print blocks to the size mentioned in the two Stitch in Time patterns (above), cut the pieces to a size that works for your panels and adjust any other measurements accordingly.  

Download the correction documents for specific instructions for each pattern.