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I work very hard to ensure the accuracy of my pattern cutting and sewing instructions. Occasionally one of my readers catches something I missed. I am so grateful to those folks, and after a thorough review of the pattern I post corrections here. 
If you have purchased any of these patterns please download the corrections. If you encounter an error in a pattern please notify me at

NOTE:  All printed and downloaded patterns have been updated with all current corrections.  If you purchased a pattern prior to the date listed below, then you will need to print out the update.

Thank you.
Crystal Stars  MGD 350  PTNP064 (Updated March 31, 2024)
Correction 1:  On page 3 of the cutting list the (5) Blue Green Multi Mixer strips should be cut 3" x WOF, not 2-1/2" x WOF.  The strips are then cut into (68) 3" squares and the squares are cut once on the diagonal to make (136) triangles.
If you already cut the strips 2-1/2" x WOF don't panic.  Use the EASY ANGLE to cut the triangles directly from the 2-1/2" strips as shown on page 2 of the pattern.

Correction 2:  (Updated June 15, 2024)  Version 1 and 2 only:  On Page 2, Step 5, the pattern states you can cut 8 triangles from each 2-1/2” x 10” strip.  That is inaccurate.  You will only be able to cut 6 triangles from each strip and 24 triangles from a 10” square.  As a result you will only be able to make 4 blocks from each set of 10" squares.
To avoid purchasing additional fabric  reduce the number of Twilight and Muse Mosaic blocks from 5 to 4 and increase the number of Midnight Mosaic blocks from 2 to 4.  

Diamond Stars 2.0 
MGD351  PTNP073

(Updated January 31, 2024)
A 2.5" Strip cutting chart for Version 1 & 2 (larger version) diamonds and triangles has been added, making it easier to pre-cut shapes from strip packs provided with the kit.  
Click HERE to download the new cutting list.
Harvest Moon  PTN 6011
Yardage of Multi Stripe print (40010-45) should be increased from 1/4 yard to 1/3 yard.
Cutting instructions for that yardage has a new illustration.  Print it HERE.

Cat Nap Pattern  PTN 2885  (May 26, June 11, 2022)
Cutting instruction on page 2, #1 and #2 have been slightly revised to make better use of the fabric.
Cutting instructions on page 2, #3 have been revised.  Please download the Revised Cutting Instructions for Page 2.
Click HERE to download the revised cutting instructions.

Canyon Lands Pattern
  PTN 2869 and MGD 300             (Updated March 6, 2022)
  • There are errors in the cutting list.  
  • The fabric requirements on the back of the pattern cover should state 5/8 yard of the orange print (not 3/8 yard)
Click here to download a corrected cutting list.  
Mama and Me Pattern Clarification.     (December 9, 2021)
  1. The top and bottom border foundation pattern sections found on pages 8-9, are assembled as illustrated on pattern page 3, Fig. 3. 
    However, the foundation pattern sections for the
    side borders found on pages 14-15, are assembled in the reverse order. 
    Fig. 5 on page 21 shows the correct illustration for putting together the side border foundation sections.
  2. Precutting template A8 for the foundation pieced border triangles is missing on page 7 and page 13. 
    This was a mistake in labeling. 
    The A1-5 template is the
    Exact Same Size as the A8 template. 
    However, the number of templates to cut of each color is correct.
Celebrations Table Trio: Runner, Placemat, Bonus Mug Rug  (June 14, 2021)  All patterns purchased after this date are already corrected.

The foundation patterns for the Placemat Sections 8 and 9 were printed too small.  Please download the corrected foundation pattern for Sections 8 and 9.
CLICK HERE to download the pattern correction.
Beach Dreams Block 1 Templates

The template pages for block 1 which accompanied the fabric kits may have printed out too small.  Please download these template pages and measure the 1" square on each page to be sure you have templates the correct size. 

Click Here to download template pages
Southwest Sunrise Block 11     (Updated 12/9/20)
(1) Turquoise fabric in the cutting list should be 3/4 yard NOT 3/8 yard.  Patterns purchased after this date have already been corrected.
(2) Block 2 cutting list on page 3 has an error.  Patch F should be Black (not turquoise).  Click here to download a corrected cutting list.
Flower Fiesta Block of the Month (MGD 260)  Updated June 4, 2020
The quilt assembly and final finishing instructions for this pattern were omitted from some of the print copies shipped.  Please download a copy.
Click Here
MGD 204 Summer Iris Picnic Quilt (Updated 3/25/2020)
Please download the yardage and cutting corrections for this pattern.  New purchases after this date already include all corrections.
ownload the iris appliqué placement guide here. CLICK HERE
Sea Glass Diamonds  MGD 313  (Updated 8/26/19)
On page 4 the sashing slices should be cut at 7.5" not 6.5".  The current pattern is correct, but if you purchased an older pattern you will need this correction.
Don't Fence Me In  (Updated June 5, 2019)  (PTN 2473) MGD 292
There were three typos in the cutting list which caused some confusion.  
Download a corrected cutting list.
Western Journeys (PTN 2119) MGD 260 (Pony Express Fabric Collection by Northcott)  Updated December 19, 2018;  Updated July 1, 2020

New Update:  To piece the border Road to California blocks more accurately please use the templates or foundation pattern.  Because the blocks are on point, the rotary cutting measurements were rounded to the nearest eighth of an inch.  This results in blocks which are smaller than required.
CLICK HERE to download the templates
CLICK HERE to download the foundation pattern (this is already included in the pattern, but I placed another copy here for your convenience)

1.  Measurement error:  On page 9, step 3, the size of the completed flying geese units should be 2" x 3-1/2"  (NOT 1-1/2" x 3-1/2")  
CLICK HERE to download a correction insert for the pattern.

2. In several blocks the fabric called "gun print" should be "tan mail print". 

3. Numerous small corrections have been grouped into this latest update, which corrects all previous issues.  CLICK HERE to download a corrected version of the  pattern.  NOTE:  the pattern is 20 pages in length.

Beach Houses PTN 2010     (Updated  June  2018)
On pages 9-10, the B and C templates should be reversed to cut the 20 blue patches for foundation piecing the beach house blocks.  The 12 light blue patches for the flip flop blocks may be cut with Templates B and C as is.

Please add 1/4 yard additional yardage of the beach house stripe fabric to fussy cut the beach houses.
Please add 1/4 yard additional yardage of the white fabric to cut sufficient sashing strips.

Seminole Sampler MGD 410         Row 9 Rose Bud Block (posted November 2018)
The measurement for the strip width for the rose bud block in this row was 1/2" too large.  1-3/4" strips should all be cut at 1-1/4".  Unit A sections should be cut at 1-1/4" (not 1-3/4").
Click here to download a complete revised set of instructions for Row 9.
Click here to download a revised set of instructions and templates for Spacer Rows 7.

River Walk  PTN 2164 (MGD 268)  (updated February 8, 2018)
In the yardage chart on the back cover the Deer head print (SKU 21903-11) should be 1/2 yard and not 3/8 yard.  
Fabric from the Chloe Collection from Northcott

Starlight Poppies (PTN 2146) MGD 262 - featuring In Full Bloom fabric collection from Northcott
  1.  Back cover:  Large black poppy print (21775-99) is reduced from 1-3/4 yards to 1-1/2 yards.

  2.  Pages 3 and 4 show a black triangle where a white triangle should be.  Updated pages are available for download HERE.
Deco Gardens Bonus Block 15: Peony  (updated January 25, 2018)
The templates in this pattern were for a 9" block instead of a 12" block. 
The pattern has been updated so the template and layout guide are both for a 12" block. 
Click Here to download an updated template page.
Arboretum Stars MGD 402   (updated December 8, 2017)
Download corrections
Stitch in Time Wall Hanging:  (PTN 1924) MGD 249 Download Corrections  (updated 6/1/17)
Stitch in Time Studio Organizer: (PTN 1923)  MGD 248 Download Corrections
Stitch in Time Studio Throw and Topper:  (PTN 1925)  MGD 250 Download Corrections (updated 6/12/17)

NOTE:  It is best to NOT pre-wash pre-printed fabrics such as panels and border prints. The fabric goes through many processes to be delivered to the consumer and there may be some size variations. If you’re unable to cut the panels or pre-print blocks to the size mentioned in the two Stitch in Time patterns (above), cut the pieces to a size that works for your panels and adjust any other measurements accordingly.