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SW Sunrise Block 3 Templates Error!

Yipes!  I have been working on the block 3 video today and found an error on the template page that I had missed.  I hate when that happens.  Luckily it is simple to fix.
Template L should be T.
Template T should be L.

The labels on those two petal-shaped templates got swapped around.  The only reason it could pose a problem is because you need to make 8 of template L and only 4 of template T.  They are similar in shape but one is a bit longer than the other.  L is the long one and T is the shorter one.

OK I found one more small boo-boo.  The list of templates which require 4 omitted templates M and N.

So to avoid any more confusion than I have already caused,  download the corrected template page HERE.

I am finishing up the video tonight and will post it tomorrow.  I have had a blast doing this using a new app on my iPhone called Jumprope.  I think it really will improve the quality and look of my videos.

Thanks for hanging out with me, and I am so sorry about the error on the pattern.

Have a great day!