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Southwest Sunrise Correction in Block 11

Dear Subscribers,

I try to ensure  each pattern is accurate but this time I slipped up.  There is an error in the yardage for Block 11.  The turquoise used in the paper pieced diamond blocks is insufficient.  The pattern states you need 3/8 yard of turquoise, but if you precut the patches as rectangles, as listed in the pattern you will need closer to 3/4 yard.

If you precut these patches as triangles and diamonds—instead of rectangles—as shown in a pattern note,  you will only need about 1/2 yard.   If you purchased the kit, you will receive more turquoise fabric in Block 12.  

I apologize for the error and am grateful it was brought to my attention so I could post a correction. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Thanks for being part of this project.  I so appreciate you.

Reeze Hanson
Morning Glory Designs