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Morning Glory Designs Southwest Sunrise Block 12 Border Applique Motifs

Welcome to the 12th and final installment of the Southwest Sunrise Block of the Month.  This month we complete the pattern for the quilt with the four applique corner motifs for the outer border.  The story is complete.

Here is the link to Block 12.  CLICK HERE

With this installment the quilt is complete. I hope you have enjoyed working on this quilt, and will find it a special accomplishment you will enjoy for a long time.  Thank you for being a part of this adventure and managing to stay with us during this amazing and tumultuous year.  I hope you have drawn inspiration from each of the blocks in this quilt.  All four motifs are powerful symbols representing life, health and protection.  But beware the wiley trickster Coyote.  He howls and dances and tries to fool us with his tricks.  But we have drawn strength from the land, the sun, and the animals who feed and protect us.  We can resist his tricks, knowing we have grown strong from the lessons we have learned from the Thunderbird, the Rabbit, the Tortoise, and the Quail.

In the coming years, may you wrap yourself in this quilt and feel the love and support of all the women who have paved the way for us.  I hope in the end you share that love and support with the next generation of girls and women who will most certainly need our support and love.  Pass this quilt on to one of them with a note to remind them they are not alone.

Next year I will be offering another block of the month featuring a Beach theme. Watch for more information on it in the coming weeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I am here to help.

Stay safe and healthy.