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Sacred Geometry Block 7 - Seven Sisters

Dear Subscriber:

The heptagon or 7 sided shape is this month's block.  Well, not actually.  The shape is really 6-sided, but it includes 7 stars:  The Seven Sisters.  It is named for the seven bright stars in the Pleiades Constellation.  The Seven Sisters were the daughters of the Greek god Atlas.  There are some wonderful myths and legends surrounding the Seven Sister, and their protector, Diana the huntress, you might enjoy exploring.

This month we use paper piecing again.  If you struggle with this technique you will find amazing tutorials on YouTube.  My attempts at doing videos are not working at present, but as soon as I figure out how my new video software works I will post a tutorial.

Here is the link to a paper piecing tutorial part 1 and part 2 I made for Southwest Sunrise. 

Block 1: the Circle
Block 2: Vesica Piscis
Block 3: The Triangle
Block 4: The Square
Block 5: The Pentagon
Block 6: Hexagon
Block 7: Seven Sisters

Thanks for hanging out with me on this strange and wonderful project.  Hope you are having fun with it.

Quilty hugs,


Reeze Hanson
Morning Glory Designs