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Sacred Geometry Block 10

Block 10 includes the instructions and templates for the entire remaining quilt:  The 30" Mandala, the Flower of Life Mandala, quilt top sections assembly, and all three borders.  I can't wait to see your completed quilts.  This has been quite an interesting project and I hope you have enjoyed the journey.

Link:  Block 10: Large Mandala and Borders

This is a large file so be sure to load LOTS of paper in your printer when you are ready to print.  The first 13 pages are instructions, and the last 19 pages are templates, foundations, and layout guides.  
If you have access to a large format printer that can print 14" x 17" (tabloid) paper, let me know and I will send you the template file in that format.  It would save you a LOT of paper.

Thanks for hanging out with me on this strange and wonderful project.  I hope you have enjoyed learning more about sacred geometry and will enjoy making and sharing this quilt. Send me a picture of your completed quilt top and I will send you a label for your quilt!

Quilty hugs, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Reeze Hanson
Morning Glory Designs

PS.  I am busy trying to decide what to do for my block of the month next year.  I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.  Or do you think I have lost my marbles and should quit while I'm ahead?