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Sacred Geometry BOM Block 10 Mandala & Borders

Sacred Geometry Block 10
Mandala, Flower of Life Block, Three borders & Finishing Instructions

Technique: Fusible Web Machine Applique, Template Piecing, Foundation Piecing, Quilt Assembly

 This is the final installment of the Sacred Geometry Block of the Month pattern.  It includes complete instructions, template, and layout guide for the large 30" mandala block, including the background curve.  The pattern also includes the final Flower of Life block which completes all the components of the quilt center.  The final instructions for assembling all three section of the quilt center are provided including all three borders.

This installment is 32 pages long so be sure you have plenty of paper in your printer.
If you only want to print part of it, here is the index:

Pages 1-5 Instructions for Large 30" Mandala and Background
Pages 6-7  Instructions for Flower of Life Mandala Block
Page 8-9  Instructions for Quilt Assembly and Borders
Page 10-11  Border 3 Foundation Patterns
Page 12-13  Edge Stitching Tutorial
Page 14-17  Templates for Block 10 Background Curve
Page 18-20  Mandala Templates & Moon Template
Page 21-32  Mandala Applique Layout Guide