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Sacred Geometry BOM Block 1

Sacred Geometry Block 1
Seed of Life 
A 10” Circle

All things, all shapes, originate from the circle.  The source, the point at which existence begins.  The moment of birth, the circle of life, the cycle of life and death.  It is 10” for the 10 months it will take to complete this quilt.

Quilters use the circle to define so many patterns: Dresden Plates, Drunkards Path; Glorified nine patch; Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Winding ways, Apple Core, Double Wedding Ring and many more.

From the circle’s mathematical properties we learn circumference, diameter, radius, arc, tangent, and Pi. In nature we see the circle everywhere from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.  The center of a flower or radiating rings in the water from a pebble tossed in.  It is our source of light in both day (sun) and night (moon).  It is the spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical source: God, Creator, Great Spirit, Allah, the Universal One, Pele, The Source of All, Etc.

So we start with the circle in our exploration of Sacred Geometry at the point where the Fibonacci spiral begins.
 (More on this later.)

Question?  Yup, me too!